soft light-sensitive camera and hardware light-sensitive camera


When the hardware photoresistor senses that the light becomes weaker, the resistance value of the resistor becomes smaller and the current passes through, thus realizing the infrared function of turning on when the light becomes weaker.

There will be a problem here. When the sky is not completely dark at night, the infrared light is half turned on, which will cause the IR-CUT to be switched, but the infrared light is half turned on, and the result is that the color of the image in the evening is not correct.

So there is a photoresistor simulated by software. When the processor judges that the light is insufficient, the chip sends out  signals to switch the infrared light, switch the black and white mode, and switch the IR_CUT at the same time, so that there is no problem of incorrect image color when the infrared light is half turned on. The disadvantage of soft photosensitivity is that the response speed is slow, and there is a problem of inaccurate judgment of weak light.

If the soft light-sensitive camera also has the problem of incorrect color, it is likely that the wild mode setting of the camera is wrong, or the IR_CUT is broken

How to set the night vision mode of the infrared IP camera?

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