The XM series and TS series RTSP URL and image capture URL, and the network ports


XM series:
Default IP address: username admin password blank
Port: TCP port: 34567 and HTTP port: 80, ONVIF port is 8899
RTSP address: rtsp:// This is the IP of the connected device
554 This is the port number of the RTSP service, which can be changed in the network service of the device
user=admin This is the login user name of the device
password= empty password
channel=1 the first channel
stream=0.sdp? main stream
stream=1.sdp? sub stream
Image capture URL: http://ip/webcapture.jpg?command=snap&channel=1

TS series:
Default IP address: username admin password 123456
Ports: http port 80, data port:8091,  RTSP port: 554, ONVIF port: 80
RTSP URL: main stream address: rtsp://
Sub stream address: rtsp://
The address that needs to enter the password: main stream rtsp://admin:123456@
Sub stream rtsp://admin:123456@
Picture capture URL: http://ip/snapshot.cgi

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