Issues and solutions for IP cameras system

Issues and solutions for IP cameras system


XM series IP cameras:
The video frame dropping,the picture is incomplete
The daytime color not right, the green tree is in gray

My POE switch don't work, what POE switch is better?
How to clean dust on sensor surface?
Definition of XM series cameras cable internal wiring
Config the IP address via the tools
We recommend the IP cameras to work with NVRs

The XM series supports IE only, not supports other browsers.

Recommend: Using "VMS' to config the XM series camera

PoE: IEEE802.3 af/at, it can also be powered by DC 12V 2A

Cable: CAT6  network cable, all that 8 cores will be used

H.264: Old, good compatibility, low compression, high bitrate.

DHCP: Automatic IP address setting, we suggest enabling.

StaticIP: The IP address is fixed, please set the IP by yourself

ADAP: When cameras and NVR are not in the same subnet,

the cameras can be searched and added, we suggest enabling

The cameras software are multilingual, please select‘English’


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