Seeking Cooperation:

We are the factory of security systems. We focus on security industry research and development. We attach great importance to the following performance of our commercial surveillance cameras

  1. Good video quality: Commercial surveillance cameras need high-quality video images to ensure clear and accurate viewing of people and objects in the monitored scene, avoiding blurry or distorted images.

  2. Advanced features and capabilities: Our commercial surveillance cameras have specific features and capabilities, such as night vision, motion detection, auto-tracking, facial recognition, etc., to meet their specific monitoring needs.

  3. Reliability and stability: Commercial customers need surveillance cameras to have high reliability and stability to ensure that the system can run stably for a long time without problems such as malfunction or data loss.

  4. Security and privacy protection: Our surveillance cameras have certain security and privacy protection measures, such as encrypted transmission and user permission control, to prevent data from being accessed and stolen by unauthorized personnel.

  5. Price and cost-effectiveness: We know  that commercial customers need surveillance cameras to have a reasonable price and cost-effectiveness to ensure that they can obtain a satisfactory monitoring system within their budget.
    We put all our energy into improving the quality of our products, and the accessories are purchased according to super high standards, so that you can buy high-quality, high-reliability cameras at a reasonable price.

We invite you to join us to provide better services for local customers. We can  OEM for you. You can also start your store in your country. We give technical support and online one-to-one services. We can customize shells, chip solutions, and software programs. All the production quality can be controlled.

We are debugging the latest chips and image sensors every day. Our mission is to produce the latest and most advanced digital imaging products in the world, and share them with you as quickly as possible.

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What's the advantage of our camera? 

There are three key factors to make a good camera: 1, Sensor; 2, DSP; 3, Production control.We maintain close cooperation with the world's best CMOS sensor companies and DSP chip companies. We have the ability to control every step of design, development and production, and the picture quality of our cameras can be compared with the cameras of any company.

What are the advantages of establishing a cooperative relationship with us?

We can provide commercial customers with the latest chip samples, and we can quickly analyze problems during installation.Business customers can get more price support and technical support from us.If necessary, we have the ability to customize special firmware versions for important customers...


How to start a business to us? 

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Do you have a branch in the United States or Europe?
No, we are in China, we are looking for a partner in North America or Europe