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< Part 1 > I just bought some cameras for my own use, I'm not an expert in this field

1.I don't see a power adapter in the box.

Answer: IP cameras are usually powered by the system , so IP cameras sold separately are not include a power adapter.

Solution: 3 ways to power a POE IP camera: 1, POE power supply; 2, POE switch; 3, DC12V power adapter

2.It was connected to the router, but nothing happened. The browser did not respond to

Answer:The most likely problem is that your computer, router and IP camera are not on the same network

Solution:[ XM series IP tool DeviceMange ] <--Click to download the IP tool here

                 Change the IP address of the camera to match the router  <-- Click here to go to the setup tutorial blog page

3. The NVR can search out the ip, but it fails to add the camera
Answer: Protocol, protocol port, compression format mismatch

Solution:Added through the ONVIF protocol, the ONVIF port of the XM series is 8899, set the compression format to H.264 (the XM series is H.265X)

4. My old NVR can't add camera

Answer:The resolution of the old NVR is too low(maybe 1080p), our camera resolution from 2022 is from 4MP. The NVR decoding ability is insufficient, and the compressed format version is low  

Solution:Reduce the resolution of our camera, check the frame rate of the NVR, and set our camera to match the frame rate, it is recommended to set it to 1080p @20 fps and set the compression format to H.265X(it is the same as H.264 here)

 < Part 2 > I'm a network expert, I know how cameras are built and how they work, I work in security

More solution will be updated here... 


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How to start a business to us? 

Just send an email to chan@ansice.net 

Do we have a branch in the United States or Europe?
No, we are looking for a partner in North America  and Europe, wait for you. 


The cameras produced in 2023 are mainly XM series. If not specified, our products you buy on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms belong to XM series

How to know which chip series my camera is:
The XM series default IP address pasted on the camera is ; 
The RS series default IP address pasted on the camera is ;
The AJ series default IP address pasted on the camera is ;
The HS series and TS series are for professional customers, the finished cameras you buy will not be these two series