Reset the user name and password by a super password

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Xm series IPC NVC Reset user name and password

1.Can you get the login page? Is there  a login interface?  If yes, get the password through verification problems or reset through APP "xmeye" on the mobile phone.
2.If not,If there is no login interface and no password recovery button:

Download the "resetACTool",send the code you get to us ,and  we will show you the super password.

The download URL is:

We need three colleagues working together during working hours to have the right to change customer passwords
Each time you run the resetACTool, the code is different. Each code corresponds to a super password. After 12 hours, the code will change and the generated super password will be invalid.


General User:

Function:(1) Reset Account

          (2) Reset Configuration

               (3) Modify password without knowing the original device password.

Note: This tool is used for DVR, NVR and IPC to reset username and password, configure and modify device password. For security, you need to ask technical support for the super password corresponding to the security code when using it.



  1. Turn on the software and provide the 10-digit security code to the technical support (the security code will be different every time the software turns on, so don’t turn off it after sending the security code to the technical support.)
  2. Fill in the box with the super password which provided by technical support.
  3. Click “search” button, select the device to be modified, and select the device type. Only one device can be operated at the same time.
  4. Click “Reset Account” and “Reset configuration” to perform related operations. If it is to modify the password, enter new password in the “ModifyPsw” blank space , and click “ModifyPsw” to perform the operation.


Reset Account:Delete the forgotten username and password. The user name will be “admin” password will be null(blank)

Reset Configuration:Resetting factory Parameter is used when the current configuration is abnormal and the device cannot be used normally.

Modify Password:Modify password when you forget the password but don’t want to reset the configuration.