Common problems and solutions for analog cameras(CVBS AHD TVI CVI)

 Analog CVBS, AHD TVI CVI camera supports

Analog camera have different format standards. We ship PAL camera to the European market and NTST format camera to the North American market. Please make sure your DVR and the monitor video format are matched.  

The most traditional analog camera is CVBS, which can be directly connected to a monitorl. Later AHD, CVI, TVI can only used with a same type DVR. 

TVI is  Hikvision's proprietary format, CVI is the Dahua's proprietary format.

If the order is coaxial HD analog camera, we will send it in AHD format by default.

Common camera issues:

Good in the day, but on the night, the picture is not clear or have cross grain.
The power is not enough
Increase the power
The power line is too long
Use a independent power supplies
Check if have disturb nearby
Far away from disturbed area or remove it
Check if have water or dirty on the lens
Use lens paper to clean
Check if the transfer distance is too far
Add a amplifier  on the line.
Check if the voltage is normal
Choose stable voltage power supply
No video output
Check if the power Is insert right
Insert power again.
The power supply is broken
Switch a power supply
AHD DVR with less 15 FPS connect to a AHD camera with more than 15 FPS
Change the AHD cameras to less than 15 FPS
Only analog camera can out put to your TV, or a analog monitor
Your AHD TVI CVI need a match DVR, the DVR out put the video to the monitor
All have cross grain
The power is not enough
Increase the power
The cable is no good or too long
Switch a good video cable
Use net work cable
Switch use video cable
The picture is black and while when day time
The DVR not match your camera(PAL NTSC, AHD  TVI  CVI  ANALOG)
Make sure the DVR and camera match
IP devices can not connect
Network Settings not right or
The device does not support the ONVIF protocol
Make the devices match, and set the network
Bad effect
IR LED not enough
Add an independent IR LED