What is 650mm filter , what is lens with 650mm filter?What is 850nm 940nm?


What is 650mm filter , what is lens with 650mm filter?What is  850nm 940nm?

1 , 650nm 850nm or 940nm refers to the wavelength emitted by the LED chip, in NM, which belongs to infrared light. First of all, the wavelength is different.

2 , 850 has a red explosion, 940 has no red explosion. The so-called red explosion refers to the red dots that appear in the chip when the infrared lamp is working. So if you need to conceal, 940 is a good choice, but some customers will use the black colloid 850 to cover up the red explosion, but if you pay attention to it, the red explosion is still visible

3 , 650nm is red visible + infrared, 940nm is invisible infrared. 

4 , The radiation intensity of 850nm is about 2-3 times higher than that of 940nm. If the radiation intensity is high, the brightness will be higher. That is to say, the night vision effect of 850nm will be better.

5 , Under the same current condition, because the voltage of 940nm decreases, the power consumption of 940nm chip will be smaller than 850 chip, so the current of the same size chip will be a little larger than 850nm chip

6 , At present, 940 is used as infrared light source in fewer occasions. It is generally used for pulse working state, such as remote controller. Because the requirements of ordinary remote controller are not high, 940 can not be used for camera infrared light source. Of course, its purchase cost can not be compared with 940 of infrared light source. 940 produced by our company is mainly used for infrared light source. light source

7 , When the lens contains a 650nm filter, 650 infrared light are blocked, and CMOS receives only visible light, so its color is correct, but the infrared lamp is useless.

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