What is AHD TVI CVI coaxial HD, CVBS

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What is AHD TVI CVI coaxial HD, CVBS

With the progress of society, the traditional video transmission can not meet people's needs. There are
two kinds of higher-definition video surveillance solutions, one is the digital IP camera, the other is
the coaxial high-definition camera.All the AHD , TVI ,CVI are coaxial high-definition,they are all
transmitted by coaxial cables,all the video interfaces are BNC(same as CVBS).AHD is the most general and
widely used standard at present,Ansice all coaxial HD products are default set to AHD.

About AHD
AHD full name is Analog High Definition, it is a new video format to enhanced CVBS video transmission.
AHD security camera Transfer Video over coaxial cables,same as Traditional Analog Camera standard, AHD
camera can long distance HD transmission at a lower cost to meet requirements for a complex and large
installation. Usually used with Coaxial-Cable,SYV-75-4 cable
to transfer video up to 500 meters.There is no delay and the configuration of such a system is easier
to IP CCTV solutions.AHD is the most general and widely used standard at present

About TVI

High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) is a revolutionary technology that allows users to
send uncompressed,
high-resolution video (up to 1080p) over coaxial or twisted-pair cables (using dedicated baluns). The
transmitted video o
signal is in analog form, with bandwidth much greater than in the case of CVBS . As the signal is not
the picture is more natural during live viewing. TVI is one of the coaxial HD standards, the main
manufacturer of TVI is HIKVISION.

About CVI

CVI is a solution for megapixel high definition applications, featuring non-latent long-distance
transmission at a lower
cost. The name has to do with its base band and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is
able to avoid
CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality.

CVI is one of the coaxial HD standards, the main manufacturer of TVI is DAHUA.

Important Note:

AHD cameras can not be connected to traditional analog DVR, and can't connect directly to a TV,although
the interface is the same, but there is no image.

Compatible DVR: AHD format need to connect 1080N/1080P AHD 4M 5M 8M AHD DVR.
TVI format need to connect 1080P HD-TVI DVR or Hikivision TVI DVR.
CVI format need to connect 1080P HD-CVI DVR or DAHUA HD-CVI DVR.

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