How to setup the Ansice XM series IP camera (DVR/NVR) network setting/ change the IP address


There are 4 ways to set the IP camera (DVR/NVR).
1, log in the IP camera by the browser with its local IP address:,the camera user name is "admin", the camera password is null(empty).
2,By the website:, you need to register an account to log in, you can do remote monitoring here just only by the serial number
3, You can go to our to download the software"VMS" "CMS" and tools, as well as the user manual:
4, You can go to our website download page to download the tools:
The 4 above methods are suitable for XM series products, our company has other series of products, please feel free to email me if you have any issues.

Here we show you the first method:

1, run the IE browser, (better IE, not Chrome)type, you will get this:

2,  type the User Name:''admin"  the Password is null (empty), you will get this:


3, Click "DeviceCfg", you will get this:

4, Click the"Network" to change the IP address :

Please note that if you want to change the address manually, you can't check these two"DHCP Enable" " Adaptive IP"

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