What are the POE switch power with 1236 and 4578? What POE power supply does Ansice's IP camera need?


All Ansice IP cameras adopt the standard 48V to 12V POE, and both 1236 and 4578 POE power supply modes are supported.

The standard 48V POE power supply is powered by 1236, which not only transmits data, but also supplies power.However, some non-standard POE power supplies are powered by 45 +, 78 -. 

The compatibility of our camera is considered. In particular, two groups of lines are added in our camera to match the non-standard 45 +, 78 - POE power.

Our POE module can be tested before receiving power. Even if you make the network cable reversely, it will not burn down.

When using our IP camera, you don't have to care too much about your POE power.


Since 100MB communication uses four cores 1, 2, 3 and 6, Gigabit communication uses all 8 cores. Therefore:

1. For 100MB POE switch: under the power supply standard, only 1, 2, 3 and 6 cores of the network cable are connected, both data and power supply; Of course, if you want to use 1236 for data and 4578 for power supply, you must use 8-core network cables and ensure that all 8-cores are connected.

2. For Gigabit POE switches: limited by the needs of data transmission, 8-core network cables are required to be fully connected no matter which way they are supplied.

 What are the two standards for POE switches?

The IEEE802.3af power supply is 15.4W. If the camera power is 10W, the switch powered by 802.af can be used;

The power supply power of IEEE802.3at is 30W. If the camera power is 20W, 802.3at Poe switch shall be used;

802.3at is downward compatible with 802.3af, so cameras supporting 802.3af can be powered by 802.3af or at switches;

Cameras supporting 802.3at can only use 802.3at switches for power supply;

Ansice IP camera's POE supports both 802.3af  and 802,3at.

If the devices exceeds 30W and is a high-power device, how to power it?

For some high-power devices, such as PTZ zoom camera, the output power can not meet the requirements and can not use POE switches for power supply.

The single port power of the switch cannot be met, so the POE module provided inside the PTZ zoom camera to be used for power supply.

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