How to set up the IP camera or NVR's IP Address , Subnet Mask, Gateway?

Leying Huang

The router ,the NVR and the IP cameras need work in the same network, if they are not in the same network segment, they will not communicate with each other. 
For example, the IP address of the camera is, the IP address of the router is, you need to change the camera IP from to 192.168.0.X, and change the camera gateway from to

I don't know much about network knowledge, can I set up the camera IP address automatically?

Yes, you can download  the DeviceMange to  automatic set up the camera IP to match all the IP devices

[ XM series IP tool DeviceMange ] <--Click to download the IP tool


1,After installed the IP tool(DeviceManage) ,you can click the icon like this picture to start this tool

2,Search the IP camera or NVR by the 'Search' button like this picture

3,Click ‘ SameToPc ’ and then  ‘ Modify ’  like this picture

You will see the IP Address had auto matched

You can also use ‘VMS’ to set IP addresses.

[ Download Page ] <-- Click to the download page for all

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