Device Manage software download and install

Leying Huang

You can download the Device Manage software to set the device's IP or upgrade the products to the new version.

you can click and download the DeviceManage1 here

You can also  download the tool ' DeviceMange' here,In some places, we call it a ‘device upgrade tool’,they are the same.

In some systems, you may have to turn off the filter before  downloading, like this picture:

The downloaded file is an installation file. If your system removes the file '.exe', you need to add. exe to the end of the file name yourself,like this picture:

The installation language of the software will be automatically adjusted according to your system language. If the installation interface is scrambled and incorrect in your system, please choose the last one to continue  the English version installation ,like this picture:


You can click and see how to automatic match the IP address to you router by the 'DeviceManage 'here

You can click and see how to upgrade your device by the 'DeviceManage 'here

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